Court confirms no residents allowed

Madison County Health Commissioner Mary Ann Webb has again taken legal action to prevent anyone from living in a condemned apartment owned by William “Bill” Shaw in downtown London.

Judge Eamon Costello approved Webb’s injunction request to keep people out of the residence, 64 1/2 S. Main St., Monday in Madison County Common Pleas Court.

“You now have a (court) order,” Costello said to Shaw.

Shaw did not have a formal hearing with an attorney, and he can file a response in the next 28 days to challenge the preliminary injunction granted by the judge.

Madison County Prosecutor Steve Pronai represented Webb, the head of the Madison County-London City Health District, in the preliminary hearing.

Webb testified, receiving questioning from both Pronai and Shaw. She said that upon inspecting the residence on June 16, she found fresh vegetables and food items inside.

She also said Shaw mentioned the electricity being re-issued in a resident’s name.

Webb filed the injunction request with the court June 21.

Shaw claimed that he did not have anyone living at the residences, and that the items found belonged to previous residents. He said that he did mention the electricity to Webb, but did not know why it was being re-issued.

Shaw said he would focus on bringing the apartments back up to code.

Webb has previously taken action against Shaw. In June 2014, she took action to prevent anyone from living in a condemned apartment complex and office building in London’s west side.

Costello said that if Shaw was not telling the truth, and someone was residing at the apartment, he would likely end up back in court soon.

Shaw informed the court and Webb that she could inspect the premises whenever she wanted to.

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