Superheroes to visit the London Public Library

A mini museum will be on display with more than 35 items of the superheroes at the London Public Library.

FamilyTime Entertainment will present The Superheroes Show and Mini Museum at the London Public Library at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 14.

Performer Don Miller will start with the story of two boys from Cleveland who became the creators of Superman. Other superheroes included in the program will be Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Captain America, The Avengers, Star Wars, and more.

There will be plenty of audience participation and comedy as everyone learns what superpowers are, how super heroes act, and what makes a super hero or super villain.

The show uses fun tests for the children to see if they have super powers with demonstrations of super strength, heat vision, and mental telepathy. A “super quiz” tests the super hero knowledge of each age group of the audience.

After the program, a mini museum will be on display with more than 35 items. Many are 1:1 scale reproductions, including Thor’s helmet and hammer, Green Lantern’s power battery, Spiderman’s full head mask, Anakin Skywalker’s light saber, and many more.

The London Public Library is located at 20 E. First St., London. A full schedule of summer programs can be found at For further information, call 740-852-9543.