June 21, 1918

The Madison Press — Mayor’s proclamation — The week of June 24, 1918, is officially designated as War Saving Week by the Secretary of the United States Treasury and the Governor of Ohio. All loyal citizens will accordingly devote a portion of their time during said week to pledging that they will save and invest in War Savings Stamps. Money thus loaned the Government will win the war. They will mature in January 1923. A. F. Green, Mayor.

• Wilson Burrows Relief Corps No. 98, on Friday, June 14, Flag Day, held a patriotic service. The program was very interesting and well attended. (The Relief Corps was the women’s auxiliary of the Wilson Burrows Grand Army of the Republic, West Jefferson Post.)

• Madison Lodge No. 221 F&AM will attend the Methodist Church Sunday at 10:15 a.m. in celebration of St. John’s Day. It is requested that every member of the lodge be present.

• Milton Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Ray, who has spent several months in the U.S. Navy, returned home here Tuesday. He was discharged when it was discovered that he was under age and had enlisted under the name of John Sommers.

• The Culp Motor Repair Co. — Expert repairing, motors, generators, and ignition, by mechanics of long experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. West Jefferson, Ohio. Bell phone 124 — open day and night.

Part II

The Madison Press — April 25, 1957 — Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Kile are announcing the promotion of their son, John E. Kile. He has been promoted to Specialist 3rd class. He is a medical technician with the 9956th Enlisted Detachment at the Persidio Base in San Francisco, California.

• The Zion Lutheran Church of West Jefferson announces that choir practice is on Wednesday evening at 8 at the Grange Hall on South Twin Street. The Catechism class is held from 9:30-11 a.m. on Saturdays at the parsonage.

• Even a small family can have $30,000 to $70,000 of insured savings. Come in today and let us explain how easy it can be done. The West Jefferson Building and Loan Co., 2 W. Main St., West Jefferson, Ohio. Incorporated Feb. 25, 1889. (W.J. Building & Loan Co. was the second oldest in the state.)

• Rader Funeral Home, Phones: London — UL 2-9212, West Jefferson — TR 9-8222.

• TV Sales and Service, Sylvania with Halolight. See the rest … Then see the best. Expert TV service. Color service available. Graduate of R.E.T.S. Bidwell Radio & TV Sales & Service. Evenings and weekends. 272 W. Main St.