Silhouettes against the morning sky

The morning glow before the world wakes up. A painting, now photo, enhanced in a computer, shows the feeling I see on many mornings. It’s the mood that sets up my day.

Silhouettes are the black shapes against the gray morning before the sun makes its appearance. Everything is so still this morning, not a leaf moving, not a sound disturbing. It is the ultimate state of quiet.

I do not paint or draw these moments. I simply enjoy them. Soon cars and trucks will run up and down the street and the birds will wake up to interrupt the silence with their chirps to being alive, but for right now, all is still and quiet.

I wonder, when I die will I be greeted by such quiet or will the beyond be a noisy place. It might be in accordance to our expectations. I don’t know. I think about death but I don’t obsess over it. I know that it marks the end of the relationship between me and this body. We are told in scriptures that a new, different body will be there for us. I think of death mostly for the ones left behind. I see no problem with the one who has passed. My heart goes out to all who will miss them. They now have a gaping hole in their lives, a hole that may never be filled until they themselves pass over.

I have mixed emotions about services that speak of or about the dead even though I have actively participated in some of them. I prefer meeting the departed in my dreams and communicating with them there. That’s another area of our life that we actually know so little about yet through all of our recorded history dreams have played an important part of who we are and what may become of us. Is the dream world a mental or spiritual insight into death itself. Again, I don’t know but I actually hope so.

Does morning, I wonder, have more symbolic meaning than most of us give it? I look to the early morning hours for guidance for the day. I look at it as being alive at least for the start of this day. For today is what I have, and in truth, all that I have so what will I do with it. That is my question for this morning. Will I paint, will I write more, will I enjoy my time with my wife? I hope I will do all of them and a little more. Just because I still can.

Some people climb mountains just because they are there and life offers them the health and opportunity to do so. What opportunities will today bring and are we ready to meet them. Little questions for the most important day of them all — today.

Harry Croghan is an artist, photographer, writer and teacher. He can be reached at 740-852-4906 or by e-mail at