100 years ago with Charlie Miller

June 18, 1915

Madison County Democrat — Last Sunday was Women’s Day in our Sabbath schools. At the M.E. Church the ladies took full charge, superintendent, secretary, chorister and teachers of the classes in the school in the entire service. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and the songs of the canary birds in their cages.

Miss Edith Huddle gave a recitation and a class of young ladies rendered a musical program. The women mustered out a total attendance of 192 persons as some of them had not been to Sunday School for some years, yet it is not too late to make a start. Next Sunday will be Men’s Day and there will be competition for attendance and the men will have full charge, similar to the ladies. Everybody is welcome.

• Misses Edith Huddle and Helen Williams have returned from Salina, Kansas, where they have spent two years in college at the Wesleyan University of Kansas. Rev. Robert Smith, formerly of this palace, is the president of the university.

• Mrs. Prose was elected delegate to attend the State Baptist Sunday School, held at Dayton from the 21st to the 24th of this month.

• Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gearing and family, of Columbus, spent Saturday and Sunday with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pierce, of Upper Glade.

• B.A. Hoe and wife and family of Indianapolis were here over Sunday on account of the sickness of the former’s father.

Part II

The Madison Press — May 2, 1955 — Mrs. Hazel Young, of Springfield, a member of the West Jefferson WCTU entertained the local Union at the home of Mrs. Edith Stephenson for their April meeting. Twenty-five members and one guest were present to enjoy the hospitality of their hostess. Usual business procedures followed with discussions of interest to the group. Ten cards have been sent out this month to sick and shut-ins.

One of the outstanding reports was that of Miss May Belle Keyser on the market and bake sale, which she supervised. She reported that $800 had been cleared and thanked everyone in the Union and community who helped make this a big success. Mrs. Jane Braithwaite brought the secretary’s book containing the records of the local Union from 1905 to 1931. Some of the members present had belonged to this temperance organization since 1908. Mrs. Anne Timmons was the speaker for the program.

• Complimenting Mrs. Richard Hockenbery, Mrs. Eugene Ball entertained Wednesday evening, April 20 with a stork shower. The assistant hostess was Mrs. Elvin Pelphrey. Enjoying the evening were Mesdames Merwin Bidwell, Auburn Braithwaite, Kenneth Olney, James Hockenbery Sr., Donald Collins, Kenneth Rapp, Hilda Boggs, Charles O’Hara, John Hanscel, Myreda Bidwell, Roger Murray, Bryson Evans, Donald Bradley, Harold Siebold, Evans Elliott, Phyllis Oldham, Marcille Faust, Ralph Engle, Clyde Hockenbery, Charles Clark, Raymond Carter, Carl Kessler, Albert Hockenbery, Bessie Byerly, Elizabeth McNutt, Irene Rings and the honored guest who received many nice gifts.

Charlie Miller is the former mayor of West Jefferson and local historian. He has been writing West Jefferson 100 years ago off and on since 1976. He can be reached at Charlie_m_miller@yahoo.com.