100 years ago with Charlie Miller

Aug. 24, 1917

Madison County Democrat — The Lincoln Chautauqua opened at West Jefferson last Friday with a splendid program and large attendance. Over 600 season tickets have been sold. The seating capacity of the tent was over taxed and arrangements were made for a greater seating capacity. Dr. Gordon completely captivated his audience with his address, “Shooting the goal” and “Six cylinder living.”

The audiences were greatly enthused with the DeHoven Male quartet. On Sunday Miss Margaret Hall gave a very instructive address on Domestic Science and Mrs. Louise McIntire a splendid address on “Health and Hygiene.” The music for Sunday was a rare treat, and was rendered by Mm. Grace Hall Riheldaffer, she is an American soprano, acknowledged to be one of he foremost concert artist of the day. On Wednesday evening a patriotic pageant will be put on by the children of the community under the direction of the Youth’s Chautauqua director who is being assisted by Misses Mae High, Clara Taylor, Helen and Ruth Murray. Much interest is manifested in the Junior Chautauqua this year and much good will certainly come through it.

• The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, Middle Pike, was seriously injured on Monday, when he was kicked by a horse. He was found lying in the barn lot, unconscious and the child is now suffering from concussion of the brain. Dr. L. E. Evans was called to attend him. (This would have been Richard about 2 years old when it happened.)

• While working around a gas engine last week, Homer Roberts had a deep gash cut in his hand. He was using an oil cup when the drive wheel forced the spout of it through the fleshy part of the member. (Homer was veteran of the Spanish American War. I remember delivering newspapers to him.)

Part II

The Madison Press — Aug. 30, 1956 — West Jeff schools are set to open Sept. 4. High school teachers are: Industrial Arts, John Baldwin; Physical Education, Ewen Bryden; Commercial, Mrs. Gladys Clark; Science, Gene Keel; English-Latin, Miss Mary Mooney; English, Joe Gibboney; Science and Math, Herman Klein, Home Economics, Miss Jean Matson; Math, Mrs. Shirley Oare; Physical Education, Mrs. Elizabeth McManaway; History, Randall Buchman; Librarian, Mrs. Ruth Taylor; Band, Okey Santee; and Principal, Paul Cochran. Superintendent is Harold Wilson.

• A reunion honoring Mrs. John Parks of Sherman Oaks, California, was held at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neeshan last Saturday. Others present were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Merriman, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gillivan and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Allerton and son Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ater and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cox, Miss Polly Neeshan and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brennan and family. (Mrs. Parks was the former Etha Brake born 1902.)

• The Alpha Gradale Sorority held it’s final summer meeting last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Walter Loveless. A brief business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Walter Woodward, Primus. Mrs. Emmett Young and Mrs. Marlin Fettrow will represent the chapter at the State Convention. The next regular meeting will be held Sept. 13 with Mrs. Clyde Johnson and Mrs. Delmar Miller and Mrs. Eugene Harbage as co-hostesses. The chapter will host the fish pond and their booth at the Ox Roast, with Mrs. Larry Kaho as general chairman.

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Charlie Miller

Contributing Columnist

Charlie Miller is the former mayor of West Jefferson and local historian. He has been writing West Jefferson 100 years ago off and on since 1976. He can be reached at Charlie_m_miller@yahoo.com.