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Charlie Miller - Contributing Columnist

Sept. 3, 1915

Madison County Democrat — We had a heavy rain Sunday morning. So much moisture has a bad effect on the growing corn having a tendency to make it mature late and catch the early frosts during the fall.

• The past week has been an unusually busy time with people who have been attending the State Fair. On one hour on Wednesday was counted 154 automobiles passing through West Jefferson. On Thursday 180 were counted in one hour. Many of the travelers came from points west of Xenia, Hamilton and Dayton and a few from Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. The National Road was the leading thoroughfare. Seven thousand automobiles were marked on the Ohio State Fairgrounds on Thursday.

• The past summer seems in many ways very unusual, but history records the summer of 1815, just a century ago, very strange. There was frost every month in the year. Leaves were frozen from the trees, snow fell and winter set in in September and continued until spring. Scarcely anything was raised. The following spring came in normal.

• The people over to Plattsburg are elated over the prospect of having electric lights. The power will come from Vienna and will be used to run the ventilating plant in the high school instead of the gasoline engine.

Part II

The Madison Press — July 28, 1955 — Notice: Residents, parents, taxpayers of West Jefferson. Last November we passed a bond issue to increase our schools. We were informed that an addition would be built to the southeast end of the present building where there is plenty of space. Now information has leaked out that this addition is to be built around the front of the old building where space is limited. We are told that this was proposed by the superintendent and school board president and approved by the board.

The reason given was so it won’t be necessary to build new restrooms, however it is reported that the one now is inadequate. This will add 3,760 square feet of hallways, which is more than 26 percent of the entire building and will cost over $57,000. A recent check shows that do to the increase of population and a very large number of 4- and 5-year-old children, by the time that the new structure is completed is will still be short of school rooms. I’m sure everybody will be interested in seeing what we will have to pay in taxes for this. W.E. Kinnaird. Paid advertisement. (Those of you who can remember it was built in the front of the old school.)

Charlie Miller is the former mayor of West Jefferson and local historian. He has been writing West Jefferson 100 years ago off and on since 1976. He can be reached at Charlie_m_miller@yahoo.com.


Charlie Miller

Contributing Columnist