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Charlie Miller - Contributing Columnist

July 23, 1915

Madison County Democrat — Mr. A. Gregg has purchased a new threshing outfit from the Avery Company. He commenced Monday threshing wheat for farmers along the Georgesville Road. The price of new wheat at the elevator is $1 per bushel and the yield is not as good as expected earlier in the season.

• Miss Lucy Booth is the weekend guest of Miss Helen Kelley at Columbus.

• The New York Times discusses the question as to whether Army and Navy officers have a right to leave the service. The demands made by European belligerents upon private concerns in this country for the manufacture of guns, powder and munitions for the war, has caused a development of munition plants. The need of military experts to direct the processes of manufacture and the market for ordinance officers of the Army has increased. Since last December six ordinance officers have resigned, of these four have been accepted, two are on hold until the question of allowing officers to resign has been settled. (In 1915 the country didn’t plan on using them two years later to fight in the war.)

Part II

The Madison Press — May 30, 1955 — The West Jefferson summer recreation program will start May 31, with two softball games beginning at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tentative plans also call for a girl’s game every Tuesday evening. The playground will officially open on Monday, June 6. Swimming will start on Wednesday, June 8. Buses will leave for the London pool at 12:30 p.m.

• The Board of Education of the Jefferson Local School District is asking for sealed bids for an addition to the Jefferson High School building. The influx of new people already here and the plans for the expansion of the town requires additional space. The school is now filled to the limit. The new addition will be two stories high and is planned to join the latest addition on the west side, north to the front of the old building, then across and down the east side.

• Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Lynn and family have moved to Pittsburgh, Penn. Mr. Lynn has been a teacher and coach at the West Jefferson High school for the last five years. He has been called into the U.S. Marines for three year’s service. (Keith Lynn originally entered the service June 1, 1945, and served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He rose to the rank of Colonel and died Nov. 24, 1994 and is buried in the Quantico National Cemetery, Virginia.)

Charlie Miller is the former mayor of West Jefferson and local historian. He has been writing West Jefferson 100 years ago off and on since 1976. He can be reached at Charlie_m_miller@yahoo.com.


Charlie Miller

Contributing Columnist