Obama shortens sentences for 3 inmates in Cincinnati cases

CINCINNATI (AP) — President Barack Obama has commuted the sentences of 61 people imprisoned for drug-related offenses, including three from Cincinnati.

The inmates are serving time for drug possession, intent to sell or related crimes.

The shortened prison sentences for two of the three from Cincinnati, Tommy Howard and Isadore Gennings, expire July 28. Howard had been sentenced in 2004 to more than 24 years in prison for use of a firearm during a drug trafficking offense. Gennings was sentenced in 2002 to 20 years in prison for offenses including a conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The third inmate from Ohio, Alvin Cordell, was sentenced in 1997 to life in prison plus a $50,000 fine. The commutation makes that sentence expire on March 30, 2017, and would remit the unpaid balance of the fine.