Cops find gunfire suspect, 75, asleep after 4-hour standoff

NEWARK, Ohio (AP) — Police say gunfire overnight at an Ohio home spurred a four-hour standoff until officers heard snoring, realized the 75-year-old suspect went to bed, and arrested him. No one was hurt.

Gunshots were reported early Monday by a female resident who fled the home in Newark, northeast of Columbus.

Newark Sgt. Clint Eskins says it’s unclear why the man fired shots indoors and then didn’t respond to attempts to contact him when he appeared to be awake. Eskins says the man is hard of hearing but should have known police were there because emergency vehicles were outside, negotiators called him and used a bullhorn, and police broke a window to send in electronic surveillance equipment that helped determine he was asleep.

He’s charged with inducing panic and using weapons while intoxicated.