Blowing dust causes freeway closure near Arizona border

SAN SIMON, Ariz. (AP) — For the third time in two weeks, blowing dust has closed a 62-mile stretch of freeway near the Arizona-New Mexico border.

Arizona Department of Transportation officials on Thursday afternoon closed Interstate 10 between U.S 191 in southeastern Arizona and Lordsburg, New Mexico.

They say windy conditions have stirred up dust at a newly plowed field near San Simon, Arizona.

ADOT officials say the stretch of freeway will remain closed until visibility improves in the area.

That same 62-mile stretch was closed due to blowing dust and zero visibility on April 25 and 28.

The conditions triggered a three-vehicle crash involving two semitrailers about 15 miles from the New Mexico border on April 25 and three separate accidents involving 12 vehicles three days later.