120 nations accuse US top court of violating law over Iran

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The 120-nation Nonaligned Movement headed by Iran is accusing the U.S. Supreme Court of violating international law by ruling that nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian assets can be paid to victims of attacks linked to the country.

A communique issued Thursday by the NAM’s Coordinating Bureau follows an Iranian appeal to the United Nations last week to intervene with the U.S. government.

The NAM called the U.S. waiver of “the sovereign immunity of states” a violation of America’s international and treaty obligations. It called on the U.S. government “to respect the principle of state immunity” and warned that failing to do so will have “adverse implications, including uncertainty and chaos in international relations.”

The State Department said last week it believes U.S. courts “comport with international law.”