Dad pleads not guilty in death of daughter shot by constable

NEW BLOOMFIELD, Pa. (AP) — The father of a 12-year-old Pennsylvania girl accidentally shot by a constable serving eviction papers entered a not guilty plea to homicide charges.

Donald Meyer also asked the judge for a new lawyer during his Thursday morning court appearance.

Authorities say 58-year-old Meyer pointed a loaded rifle at the constable on Jan. 11. Constable Clark Steele fired a shot that traveled through Meyer’s arm and struck Ciara Meyer, who was standing behind her father.

Judge Kathy Morrow accepted Meyer’s plea and asked his court appointed attorney to meet with the public defender’s office to consider changing representation.

Meyer alleges a potential conflict of interest with the attorney, but offered no explanation.

As he entered the courthouse, Meyer told reporters he wants justice and hopes “that murderer goes to jail.”