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Good morning! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. Some plans are subject to change; see the 2 p.m. News Digest for updates. You can find our contact info at the bottom of this advisory. All times EDT.




Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 10:15 a.m. EDT:



–KENYA COLLAPSED BUILDING (sent, developing)




–TURKEY-POLITICS (sent, developing)




–VIDEO GAME HALL OF FAME (sent, developing)

–PLASTIC BAGS (upcoming)











SKO CAT TV (sent)


Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today (all times EDT):




ISLAMIC STATE-SCORCHED EARTH — Two months after the liberation of Ramadi, the city remains too devastated and full of explosive booby traps for former residents to return. The destruction reflects a troubling new tactic by the Islamic State group: to render the cities it can’t hold unlivable. SENT: 2,000 words, photos, interactive. Abridged version also moving. VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Iraq Ramadi Damage, Iraq Ramadi Damage 2: Exclusive images show destruction in Ramadi. Eds: This is the third in an occasional series about Lost Heritage in the Middle East.

NKOREA-CONGRESS — North Korea shows off a spruced-up capital to droves of international journalists and visitors who have been brought in for the country’s first ruling party congress in 36 years, with Kim Jong Un himself taking center stage. UPCOMING: 700 words by 9 a.m., photos.

TURKEY-POLITICS — Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has announced his resignation. This paves the way for the country’s president to pursue a tighter trip on power. SENT: 500 words.

KENYA-COLLAPSED BUILDING — A Kenyan woman rescued after being trapped for six days in the rubble of a collapsed building. SENT: 300 words, photos.

SYRIA — Syria’s state media and a local governor say a twin attack in a central Syrian village has killed at least 10 people and wounded many others. The blast in the central province of Homs came hours after a truce brought relative clam to the northern city of Aleppo. SENT: 790 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing.

CANADA WILDIRE — A massive, raging wild fire moved south and forced three more communities south of Canada’s main oil sands city to evacuate. SENT: 450 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Developing.

ISLAMIC STATE-DOCUMENTARY — A French Islamic State cell dismantled in the final stages of planning an attack has yielded a new secret this week, with the release of undercover footage showing how a group of disaffected petty criminals transformed into a terror network. UPCOMING: 830 words by 10 a.m., photos.

BRITAIN-ELECTIONS — Londoners elect a new mayor after a bitter campaign, choosing between Conservative environmentalist Zac Goldsmith and Labour’s Sadiq Khan, who is favored to win and become the city’s first Muslim mayor. SENT: 750 words. Results not expected until Friday.

ISRAEL HOLOCAUST — The Israeli army’s deputy chief of staff draws rebukes from hawkish Israeli ministers for comparing pre-Holocaust Germany to trends in Israel today. SENT: 600 words, photos.

AP WAS THERE-POLAND HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE — The report on the second March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau, that took place in April 1990. SENT: 660 words.

ROMANIA-OPERA TROUBLES — An off-stage dispute at Romania’s national opera between two international ballet stars and musicians is riveting the country and has already cost a government minister his job. SENT: 850 words, photos.




GOP 2016-SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES – Leaders of groups opposing abortion and same-sex marriage say they’ll bide their time and warily assess Donald Trump before deciding whether to back him as the Republican nominee. UPCOMING: 650 words, photos.

GOP 2016-CRUZ-WHAT NOW – In finishing the Republican presidential race well ahead of Donald Trump’s other rivals, Ted Cruz is likely to be a leading GOP voice for the foreseeable future. Less clear is whether Cruz harnesses that clout to boost Trump’s White House bid after all the bad blood between them. SENT: 758 words, photos.

COAL VS RENEWABLES – Renewable energy such as wind and solar is the biggest growth area in power generation for two years running, and the biggest beneficiaries are often, ironically, the states of Republican lawmakers working to protect the use of coal and its climate-warming carbon emissions. UPCOMING: 900 words, AP Photos, AP Graphic.

GOP 2016-TRUMP-COAL-FACT CHECK — Donald Trump says he’ll restore lost jobs in coal-mining states if elected president. To do so, he’ll have to undo regulations, reverse the power market’s embrace of cheap natural gas, and find more coal to replace depleted resources. SENT: 910 words, photo.

SENATE 2016-WOMEN — Democrats will have female Senate candidates on the ballot in nine states in November, a near-record, and these contenders will likely be sharing the ticket with the first major-party female presidential nominee in history in Hillary Clinton.




ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES-FDA — FDA will require electronic cigarettes makers to seek permission to remain on market in sweeping regulation long-resisted by the multi-billion dollar industry. SENT: 723 words. UPCOMING: Developing. WITH: CONGRESS-SMOKING — Increasingly popular e-cigarettes and cigar varieties could be exempt from some government safety regulations if House Republicans have their way. SENT: 760 words, photo.

SEXUAL ASSAULT-MILITARY – The Pentagon is lowering its estimate of the number of people it believes have faced retaliation for making claims of sexual assault, arguing that what might sometimes feel like revenge may actually be an attempt to help. SENT: 935 words; developing.

HEALTH OVERHAUL-DEMOCRATS — With the Obama administration counting down its final year, many Democrats are finding less to like about the president’s health care law, unsure about its place among their party’s achievements. SENT: 760 words, photos




PLASTIC BAGS — Merchants in New York who now hand out billions of free, disposable plastic bags each year to shoppers would have to start charging 5 cents for each bag under a bill set for a city council vote. UPCOMING: Developing from afternoon vote, timing uncertain. 600 words by 5 p.m.

MANZIEL-INDICTMENT — Johnny Manziel is expected to make his first courtroom appearance in Dallas after his indictment in a domestic violence case. SENT: 110 words, photo. UPCOMING: Developing from court session, tentatively set for 9 a.m.

VIDEO GAME HALL OF FAME — The World Video Game Hall of Fame is set to announce its class of 2016 on Thursday. SENT: 130. UPCOMING: Developing from 10:30 a.m. announcement, 250 words by 11 a.m.

SUBWAY SHUTDOWN — The lone subway line serving the hipster Brooklyn neighborhoods that are home to the borough’s creative class could close for up to a year in order to repair a tunnel damaged by Superstorm Sandy. SENT: 290 words. UPCOMING: 450 words with new approach by 2 p.m.

HARVARD-OPPRESSION HISTORIES — Students at Harvard are presenting research on the university’s “histories of oppression” against Jews, African-Americans and others. UPCOMING: 400 words by 6 p.m., photos.

YALE-DOCTOR KILLED — The Connecticut Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether the state can force psychiatric medication on a doctor charged with killing a Yale University physician. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing from 10 a.m. arguments.




BANK RULES-RIGHT TO SUE — If government regulators get their way, it’s going to become a lot easier to sue your bank. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed to ban arbitration clauses, which would affect the financial industry and the hundreds of millions of bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages that Americans use. SENT: 450 words.




FILM-CAPTAIN AMERICA-CHADWICK BOSEMAN — Chadwick Boseman joins the Marvel universe in “Captain America: Civil War,” but this isn’t the first time he’s played a superhero onscreen. UPCOMING: 700 words by 2 p.m., photos.

SUMNER REDSTONE-HEALTH FIGHT — A look at the upcoming mental competency trial regarding Sumner Redstone, who is the subject of a tug-of-war between his ex-girlfriend and family members. UPCOMING: 750 words by 4 p.m., photos.

VIRTUAL REALITY EXCLUSIVITY — After delaying orders and angering early adopters, virtual reality pioneer Oculus is confronting another headache as it seeks to establish the immersive medium. UPCOMING: 700 words by 2 p.m., photos.



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