Libya unity gov’t threatens to report rivals to Interpol

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Libya’s U.N.-brokered unity government has threatened to send the names of 17 of the country’s politicians, militia leaders and religious figures to the international police organization Interpol and the U.N. Security Council for “supporting terrorism” if they continue to “impede democratic transition.”

The security bureau of the unity government, which is led by Fayez Serraj, listed the names of the 17 figures on its Facebook page Thursday. They include the prime minister of the Islamist government in Tripoli, Khalifa Ghewil, the head of the city’s parliament, Nouri Abu Sahmain, and self-declared religious chief, Mufti al-Sadeq al-Ghariyani.

The announcement follows one day after Serraj arrived in Libya from Tunisia in a power bid. His government is the result of U.N. efforts to unify a war-torn country split between two rival governments.