Dem senator presses for hearings on high court nominee

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen says it’s time for her Republican colleagues to “get on with it” and do their jobs by holding a hearing on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.

Speaking outside a federal courthouse in the capital, Shaheen says Republicans are not following their oaths of office by refusing to vote on Merrick Garland’s nomination. She says the public can make a difference by contacting their senators.

Shaheen says it’s unacceptable for senators to avoid controversial votes in an election year. Her Republican counterpart, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, is facing a difficult re-election. Ayotte says she will meet with Garland but has not called for hearings.

Shaheen largely avoided direct criticisms of Ayotte. Garland was meeting two Democratic senators on Wednesday.