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The Common Core explained

Polls indicate that a large percentage of Americans know very little about Common Core, the standards for teaching math and English language. Here are some Common Core facts.



Why do people risk their lives – or the lives of others – for the perfect selfie?

According to the science of selfies, they seem to tap into a deep psychological desire to express ourselves, be admired, and one-up our peers.



Cheap gas could delay America’s efficiency targets for cars and trucks

Faced with stringent fuel economy standards but cheap gas, automakers may seek to delay CAFE rules. What’s the best way to reevaluate these emissions-cutting rules?



When fear is a weapon: how terror attacks influence mental health

It is probably not a surprise that a terror attack can have a major impact on people’s mental health. But what effects are common, and how long do they last?



How the death penalty may keep innocent people in prison

For an unlucky few, an execution can mean the death of their own hopes of overturning a wrongful conviction.



How to transform workers’ campaign rage into better jobs and wages

Presidential candidates are using voter anger to fuel more divisions and discord rather than to start a conversation about the collapse of collective bargaining.


Djokovic business case for higher men’s pay in tennis harms equality

My number of spectators is bigger than yours – why there are more sexist issues at play in tennis than the size of your crowd.