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HULK HOGAN-GAWKER — Both sides in pro wrestler Hulk Hogan’s privacy lawsuit against the news website Gawker have portrayed him as a hero to little kids, a well-known entertainment figure and an American icon. SENT: 550 words, photos, video. Will be updated.

HULK HOGAN-GAWKER-THE LATEST. SENT: 650 words, photos, video.

SPORTSCASTER LAWSUIT — Jurors started deliberations Monday in Erin Andrews’ $75 million lawsuit over nude photos a stalker took of her at hotels and posted online, trying to determine whether the companies should be held partially responsible. By Sheila Burke. SENT: 320 words, photos.


NANCY REAGAN-STYLE — For better or for worse, Nancy Reagan brought something unmistakable with her to the White House: A reverence for real fashion, real luxury and real glamour. And, like her favorite hue of bright red, there was nothing shy about her love for style. By National Writer Jocelyn Noveck. UPCOMING by 6 p.m.: 750 words, photos.

NANCY REAGAN-LEGACY — Unlike other presidential wives, Nancy Reagan didn’t testify before Congress about health care, celebrate controversial Supreme Court decisions or sit in on Cabinet meetings. “She never emerged as a political player in her own right. Nor did she seek to,” says historian David Greenberg, the author of “Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency.” By National Writer Hillel Italie. SENT: 740 words, photos.

NANCY REAGAN-CAREER — Before Nancy Reagan became a fixture in the national consciousness and on home TV sets, the late first lady also shared the big screen with the likes of Barbara Stanwyck, Ava Gardner, Glenn Ford and Ray Milland in her short career as a Hollywood actress in the post-war era. By Film Writer Lindsey Bahr. SENT: 565 words, photos.

CELEBRITY CLAP BACK — When Rick Ross posted a photo of himself on Instagram posing with Diddy, a woman poked fun of the burly, bearded rapper on his page for wearing shades inside a nightclub. Ross noticed — and he replied with an insult about the size of the woman’s nose. From Rick Ross to Rihanna to the Kardashians, celebrities are going out of their way to “clap back” at regular folk who have the audacity to come for them on social media. By Jonathan Landrum. SENT: 760 words, photos.

TV-SONIA SANCHEZ — When a team of documentary makers first suggested a movie about her life, Sonia Sanchez resisted. But Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater and Sabrina Schmidt Gordon kept asking and Sanchez relented. “BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez” airs Tuesday night. By National Writer Hillel Italie. SENT: 800 words, photos.

CHINA-HOLLYWOOD AMBITIONS — Hollywood is China’s new ally in its long quest for global cultural relevance. Both private and state-owned Chinese companies have been pouring money into Hollywood studios — a Chinese company even spent $3.5 billion to buy one. By Business Writer Ryan Nakashima. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.

DOWNTON ABBEY-OTHER ENDINGS — Now that we know our “Downton Abbey” friends are (mostly) happy and healthy, we can part with this splendid series satisfied that it has ended in fine fashion. With that in mind, we are free to recall other bygone series’ finales. Here are 10 favorites worth remembering. By Television Writer Frazier Moore. SENT: 990 words, photos.

TV-DOWNTON ABBEY-MOVIE — “Downton Abbey,” the film, remains under serious consideration by series creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth Neame. By Television Writer Lynn Elber. SENT: 500 words, photos.

DOWNTON DESTINATIONS — If you’re in mourning over the end of “Downton Abbey,” here are some options for places to visit that might help ease your sorrow. By Beth J. Harpaz. SENT: 800 words, photos.

DEM 2016-DEBATE RATINGS — CNN reached 5.5 million with Sunday night’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, up from the last two Democratic contests but less than half of the audience for last week’s Republican contest. SENT: 140 words.

THEATER-MICHELLE WILLIAMS — Next to Michelle Williams’ dressing room on Broadway is a room with a flat-screen TV and a disco ball attached to the ceiling. It’s reserved for her 10-year-old daughter, Matilda, who can now come to work with mom and hang out, knitting or watching movies. There’s one rule: She must not know what mom is doing down on the stage. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy. SENT: 700 words, photo.

THEATER-WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT — Some big celebrities, including Whoopi Goldberg and Brian Dennehy, have agreed to perform a thoughtful, 70-minute monologue for one night only. But there’s a catch: no script ahead of time. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy. SENT: 450 words, photos.

TV-UNDERGROUND — What sort of grit and ingenuity did it take for slaves in the Old South to make a break for freedom? This odyssey is explored in “Underground,” a new drama series premiering on WGN America on Wednesday at 10 p.m. SENT: 500 words, photos.

EAGLES-WIFE DEATH — Los Angeles authorities say the wife of former Eagles band member Randy Meisner was killed when a rifle she was handling accidentally discharged and shot her in the head. SENT: 130 words.

FILM-JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT — Joseph Gordon-Levitt has dropped out of a movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman,” saying he and the studio don’t see “eye to eye” on the project. SENT: 125 words, photos.

TV-EMMY-KIMMEL — Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s Emmy Awards broadcast. SENT: 80 words, photos.

HARRY POTTER-CHAIR AUCTION — The chair J.K. Rowling sat on while writing the first two books of the Harry Potter series is going on the auction block in New York City on April 6. The opening bid is $45,000. By Ula Ilnytzky. SENT: 490 words, photos.

PARIS FASHION WEEK-WATCH — Stella McCartney and Giambattista Valli channel the feminine at Paris Fashion Week on Monday, while Hermes and Saint Laurent provide a glimpse of what’s on-trend for fall-winter 2016. By Thomas Adamson. UPCOMING: 900 words by 4 p.m., photos, video.







BOOKS-CRIME FICTION-BLACK LIVES MATTER — The wave of police killings that helped launch the Black Lives Matter movement is also influencing a genre that captured tensions between police and non-white communities well before the rise of social media and cellphone videos. Publishers and writers say that story lines known to readers of Gary Phillips or Walter Mosley or Eleanor Taylor Bland will likely become more common and intense. By National Writer Hillel Italie. UPCOMING Tuesday: 950 words by 10 a.m., photos.

THEATER-FIDDLER ON THE ROOF — A nondescript building near Times Square was turned for a day into a small Russian village in 1905 when the cast and orchestra of the Broadway revival of “Fiddler on the Roof” recorded the cast album. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy. UPCOMING Tuesday: 550 words by 11 a.m., photo.



FILM REVIEW-THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY. By Film Writer Lindsey Bahr. UPCOMING: 650 words by 6 p.m. Monday, photos.

FILM REVIEW-EYE IN THE SKY. By Film Writer Jake Coyle. UPCOMING: 650 words by 6 p.m. Tuesday, photos.

FILM REVIEW-10 CLOVERFIELD LANE. By National Writer Jocelyn Noveck. UPCOMING: 640 words by 1 p.m. Thursday, photos.

MUSIC REVIEW-M WARD. By Pablo Gorondi. SENT Monday: 225 words, photos.

THEATER REVIEW-ECLIPSED. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy. SENT Sunday: 500 words, photos.

THEATER REVIEW-DISASTER!. By Jennifer Farrar. UPCOMING: 500 words by 11 p.m. Tuesday, photos.

THEATER REVIEW-BLACKBIRD. By Drama Writer Mark Kennedy. UPCOMING: 500 words by 10 p.m. Thursday, photos.


BOOK REVIEW-OFF THE GRID BY C.J. BOX. Reviewed by Jeff Ayers. SENT Monday: 270 words, photos.




LONDON — “Game of Thrones” stars discuss their fantasy cast bands.

PARIS — Paris fashion: Stella McCartney.

PARIS — Paris fashion: Giambattista Valli.

PARIS — Paris fashion: Leonard.


MEXICO — Mexico sets world record for pork dish.


LONDON — Nathaniel Rateliff talks about surprising his bandmates with his onstage antics.

NEW YORK — Dustin Hoffman, Greta Gerwig and Christopher Abbott reveal their earliest movie theater memories.

NEW YORK — Tina Fey, Billy Bob Thornton and Margot Robbie talk about what made New Mexico feel like Afghanistan when shooting the film “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”