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The Nation’s Weather for Monday, May 8, 2017



Unseasonably chilly air will linger over the Northeast as a

storm continues to sit and spin over the region today. Rain

and even some snow showers will be generated across upstate

New York and New England. More sunshine will emerge across

the mid-Atlantic compared to previous days. Another nice day

is in store from the South Central states to the Southeast.

Showers and thunderstorms will sweep around a large area of

high pressure from the Dakotas to Illinois and Indiana. More

robust thunderstorms can develop around the central and

southern Rockies. A storm swirling over Baja California will

generate spotty, but gusty showers and thunderstorms across

Southern California and Arizona. Much of the West Coast and

interior Northwest can expect a dry and sunny day.


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National High Sunday 98 at Pecos, TX

National Low Sunday 21 at Kenton, MI


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