Officer opposes delay in his trial in Freddie Gray case

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore police officer charged with assault in the Freddie Gray case is opposing prosecutors’ motion to delay his trial until appellate courts decide whether another officer can be compelled to testify against him.

Officer Edward Nero’s lawyers filed the response Monday in Baltimore Circuit Court.

They call the state’s motion a “transparent subterfuge” to avoid trying Nero before William Porter’s retrial on manslaughter and other charges stemming from Gray’s death. Porter’s first trial ended in a hung jury in December.

Six officers are charged in the case. Nero’s trial is scheduled for Feb. 22 and would be the second.

Nero’s lawyers say arguments over Porter’s availability as a state’s witness could delay Nero’s trial until September, violating his speedy-trial rights.

Gray was a black man fatally injured in police custody.