UK police: More people likely involved in abduction attempt

LONDON (AP) — Police say two people who tried to abduct a British serviceman outside a Royal Air Force Base three days ago were probably part of a larger team.

Norfolk Police said Saturday the serviceman only saw two people, including one with a knife, but that others were likely involved.

The serviceman was running near the RAF Marham base in Norfolk when he was grabbed by a man who tried to force him into a van. The man had an accomplice carrying a knife but the serviceman escaped unharmed.

The incident Wednesday shared some elements of the 2013 attack on soldier Lee Rigby, who was stabbed to death on a London street in by two al-Qaida-inspired extremists.

Police are asking for help locating two suspects, said to be of Middle Eastern origin.

“While the victim only witnessed two attackers, there may have been more than two people in the vehicle and, given the nature of the attack, it is likely they were part of a larger team,” said senior detective Paul Durham.

British military bases are urging extra precautions. The overall threat of extremist attack in Britain is judged to be “severe,” meaning that an attack is highly likely.