Kaine liberal caution muted by energy ties, abortion qualms

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine are closely aligned on many issues. But Kaine’s cautious, left-leaning political profile has been blurred at times by his ties to energy industry interests and his personal qualms over abortion.

Kaine has navigated the rough-and-tumble of Virginia’s electoral landscape with few ethics missteps. But minor controversies have flared over his acceptance of paid travel and gifts.

He and Clinton share support for a number of issues, from a no-fly zone in the air over Syria to gun control, education, health care and a tax overhaul.

Clinton opposes offshore drilling, but Kaine has co-sponsored legislation to open Virginia’s coast to drilling.

Kaine opposes abortion, but says “the right role for government is to let women make their own decisions.”