Judge: Authority to ease spy’s parole conditions is limited

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge says she has only “limited” authority to help convicted spy Jonathan Pollard overcome parole conditions preventing him from taking a financial industry job.

During a nearly two-hour hearing Friday, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest repeatedly lowered expectations for a man who served 30 years in prison after admitting giving secrets to Israel. She says she expects to rule within a month.

She repeatedly cited limits to her authority as Pollard attorney Eliot Lauer argued to eliminate some parole restrictions. Those include monitoring of work computers and his whereabouts, along with a curfew.

The 61-year-old Pollard was released from prison in November.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Rebecca Tinio says restrictions were necessary because national security could be affected if Pollard shares his knowledge of documents that remain classified.