Snowden gives support to Oliver Stone film after screening

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Edward Snowden says that Oliver Stone’s dramatization of his story is a “pretty accurate portrayal.”

Snowden appeared live from Moscow via Google Hangouts Thursday night at Comic-Con following the first public screening of Stone’s film, “Snowden,” to answer audience questions and interact with the cast, including star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Snowden said there wasn’t a lot of fictionalization in the film, which chronicles his life from 2004 to 2013, when he leaked classified security documents to the press.

Gordon-Levitt said Snowden’s public endorsement “means a lot.”

In addition to looking at some of Snowden’s mentors throughout his career, the film heavily focuses in on his relationship with girlfriend Lindsay Mills. Shailene Woodley plays Mills, who Stone said was unfairly treated in the press.

“Snowden” leaks into theaters on Sept. 16.