Germany: 2 victims still in critical state after ax attack

BERLIN (AP) — Two Hong Kong tourists remained in a critical condition, the hospital treating them said Thursday, three days after they were attacked by an Afghan refugee wielding an ax and a knife on a German commuter train.

However, Wuerzburg’s university hospital said in a statement that their health status “is largely stable.”

The critical patients — identified by German news agency dpa as a 62-year-old man and his daughter’s 30-year-old boyfriend — were among five people wounded in the attack Monday night.

The 17-year-old attacker, Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, slashed two men and two women from Hong Kong before jumping off the train and wounding a woman who was walking her dog. He was later shot dead by police.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack and posted a video in which the teen waved a knife and referred to himself as a “soldier of the Islamic State.” Authorities, however, have said that the attacker likely acted alone after becoming radicalized.

Kenneth Tong, a senior officer with Hong Kong’s Immigration Department, said it was hoped one of the two female victims, who had been treated elsewhere, could be transferred to the Wuerzburg university hospital soon.