Clinton left with more cash than Trump as he forgives loans

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her party entered July with nearly $11 million more on hand than her Republican counterpart’s operations, a strong showing of fundraising as both campaigns dive into the general election.

Republican nominee Donald Trump also zeroed-out more than $47 million in personal loans he’s made to his own campaign since last year. Trump and the Republican Party, which officially selected Trump as its White House contender Tuesday, had $41 million cash on hand compared with Clinton and the Democrats’ $52 million.

New campaign finance reports released Wednesday reveal the state of the 2016 money race as candidates and their supportive groups turn their attention to the November election. Fundraising has historically been a key metric in a campaign’s financial health, with funds paying campaign staffers and pricey TV ads.

Trump’s haul comes after a disappointing May report, during which the billionaire’s campaign finished with only $1.3 million to spend. As well, outside political groups backing Clinton reported a money advantage over similar committees backing Trump.

The Republican Party made up about half of Trump’s available cash on hand. Clinton’s own fundraising operations, meanwhile, accounted for most of the money left in the bank.

Clinton is expected to be formally nominated next week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


Associated Press writer Julie Bykowicz contributed to this report.


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