DOT secretary wants more rigorous reviews of robotic cars

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says he wants government regulators and the auto industry to work more closely together to test self-driving technology before people entrust their vehicle’s steering and brakes to a robot.

Foxx told about 1,200 people at a self-driving convention in San Francisco on Tuesday that a more rigorous review of robotic controls is needed to reassure consumers that autonomous vehicles are safe before they are cleared to hit the road.

His remarks came a few weeks after government regulators revealed a 40-year-old man died May 7 after his Tesla car crashed into a truck while using a semi-autonomous feature called “Autopilot.”

Foxx didn’t specifically mention Tesla or the crash, which is under investigation.

He plans to propose guidelines for self-driving vehicles later this summer.