Quotations in the News

“We will not be able to stop every tragedy. We can’t wipe away hatred and evil from every heart in this world, but we can stop some tragedies. We can save some lives.” — President Barack Obama, calling anew for tighter U.S. gun laws while speaking in Orlando at a makeshift memorial to the victims of last week’s nightclub massacre.


“He was shouting, ‘Put Britain first!’ He shouted it about two or three times.” — Clarke Rothwell, describing the actions of an attacker who fatally stabbed and shot Labor Party lawmaker Jo Cox in the small town of Birstall, northern England. Cox had campaigned for Britain to stay in the European Union.


“Philadelphia made a historic investment in our neighborhoods and in our education system today.” — Mayor Jim Kenney, after the city council approved a 1.5 cent-per-ounce tax on sugary and diet beverages. Philadelphia is the first major American city to pass a soda tax.