Lawyers question contention woman killed friend with cyanide

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Lawyers for an Indonesian woman accused of murder told an overflowing courtroom that the evidence she poisoned her friend with cyanide was vague and illogical.

Indonesians have been riveted by the case and it is has also attracted attention in Australia because the suspect, Jessica Kumala Wongso, 27, studied in Sydney.

The victim Wayan Mirna Salihin collapsed and died Jan. 6 after sipping her coffee in a Jakarta cafe where she was meeting Wongso and another friend. Police say laboratory tests showed the drink was laced with cyanide.

But Wongso’s lawyers said Wednesday that CCTV footage shows no one interfered with the drink.

Wongo’s chief lawyer said there was no sense in the prosecution’s contention that the motive was Salihin’s advice that Wongso break up with her boyfriend.