Letter: Maynor is a positive vote for London City Schools

Dear Editor,

As voters consider the candidates vying for a seat on the London City Schools Board of Education, I ask that voters consider marking their ballot for Paul “Ed” Maynor.

Ed is a retired social studies teacher having spent the majority of his career at London High School. He was also a coach and served as my assistant athletic director for 19 years.

For numerous years, Ed and his students produced the annual Veterans’ Day assembly which was open to the community at LHS. He has garnered several awards for his teaching. Many of his former students can attest to his positive influence on their education.

Ed will bring an educator’s perspective to the board. His knowledge of issues that confront a board include budget, student testing, teacher evaluations, and curriculum just to name a few. Having served the students and community of the London City Schools as an educator, Ed wants to continue this service in a new capacity as a board member.

During my professional relationship with Ed, I have found him to be fair, trustworthy, and reliable. A vote for Ed Maynor on Election Day is a strong, positive vote for London City Schools.

Terry Nance