Letter: London library can provide more with levy passage

(Editor’s note: The deadline to submit letters to the editor regarding any issues or candidates for the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 27.)

Dear Editor,

The London Public Library is on the Nov. 3 ballot to renew its 1.2 mill operating levy with an additional increase of 0.3 mills. This five year levy will go toward funding the current day-to-day operations of the library.

Although we are a family of “bookworms,” the library is not just for books. Our library provides a vast array of additional resources, including new release DVDs, internet/computer access, computer trainings, and educational programs. All done in a beautifully renovated environment that encourages creativity, fosters a love of reading/learning, and provides friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist you.

Our favorite educational programs have been the Summer Reading program, and the Search & Rescue Dog program. The kids got to see (and pet!) working search and rescue dogs from the Central Ohio region. The handlers for the dogs were patient and answered endless questions from the kids. The best part was going outside and watching the dogs in action! Our library also provides game nights, story times for children, book clubs for adults, and too many others to mention.

The library is unparalleled for research and school projects. With internet access, we could do much of our research at home. However, we choose to go to the library, where everything we might need is literally at our fingertips.

With the passing of this levy, our library will not only be able to continue to provide high-quality resources and educational opportunities, they will be able to add more. The library is an irreplaceable asset to our community, and it needs our support.

Please join us in voting FOR the levy on Nov. 3.

Ann Slane