Letter: United Way has been a blessing to the pantry

Dear Editor,

The Plain City Food Pantry has really appreciated the ongoing support, assistance, helping hand and many favors received when we needed it, that the United Way of Union County has been to us in so many ways.

Take, for instance, United Way’s Community Care Day, that takes place once a year. Through the efforts and direction of the United Way’s staff and administration, along with their support groups and related companies, our pantry has had as many as 40 to 50 volunteers spending an entire two days painting, building ramps, replacing outside eves, installing doors and food racks and rebuilding food and storage containers. The list goes on and on.

Whenever our pantry is in need, the United Way of Union County was always there to help us out.

By supporting the United Way of Union County, your support and contributions go directly to helping the many local food pantries, service missions, senior citizen organizations, Meals on Wheels, etc. Your gift to United Way is a gift to help all those in your community that have needs and can’t help themselves. Your gift assists the entire community in its endeavor to support and care for its needy citizens. Your gift helps uplift your community.

The United Way of Union County has been a real blessing to our pantry. We are thankful the Plain City Food Pantry is able to partner with the local United Way, and we are privileged to be a part of United Way’s working team.

Ray Meister

President and CEO

Plain City Food Pantry