Letter: London library a jewel of the community

(Editor’s note: The deadline to submit letters to the editor regarding any issues or candidates for the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 27.)

Dear Editor,

My husband and I moved to London from Columbus in 1992. We worked in downtown Columbus and used the Columbus Main Library frequently.

I was interested in what our local library had to offer. I was pleased and amazed that our small town had such a good library. We are truly fortunate to have such a jewel in our community.

Despite decreased state funding for libraries, our dedicated, knowledgeable staff has managed to provide more and better services, programs and equipment for our children and the whole community.

Budgets can only be stretched so far and they need our support to continue to expand their services for early literacy, at-risk students and adult education, as well as extended hours.

I ask for your vote for the renewal of the 1.2 mill and additional .3 mill levy on Nov. 3.

An avid library fan, supporter and resident,

Joanna Mitchell