Letter: Protecting our country from outsiders is not unconstitutional

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the editor of the Gallipolis Daily Tribune Michael Johnson’s view (published in the Dec. 16 issue of The Madison Press).

Johnson claims that the United States has not learned from history in relation to limiting and restricting entrance to our country by anyone from the hot bed areas of the world that spawns terrorist activities.

We have indeed learned from history, all be it recent history. No foreigner has a “right” to enter our country.

What is going on in the minds of Americans who would actually support the notion that we should not be on guard and suspicious of anyone wanting to enter our country from these areas? The recent acts of terrorism on our soil demand that we be on guard and suspicious.

To compare the restrictions on entrance to our homeland with what Hitler did to the Jews is beyond the realm of comprehension. Furthermore, no one is suggesting detainment camps or concentration camps ala The Final Solution.

As to comparing the restrictions to the Red Scare, no one is exclaiming “send them home” of those here legally. And as to McCarthyism, no one is saying we should be persecuting anyone that is here legally. The idea of vetting and closely controlling those entering this great country is not what creates a climate of fear and distrust. Terrorism, mass shootings of innocent people, attacks on recruiting stations, pressure cooker bombs and killings on a military base of all places are.

Should we not quarantine or deny entry to our country of those that may be infected with a deadly disease or virus? Isn’t one of the mandates of our government to protect the citizenry?

No one is standing in front of any Mosque yelling “Close it down!” But if anyone’s “belief” is death to all infidels, I don’t want them here! These people are the antithesis of what it means to be free and what the constitution stands for. They need to be kept out of our country because they are “unconstitutional.”

Michael D. Aitchison

Plain City