Letter: Levy allows Pleasant-Darby Union Cemetery to provide services

Dear Editor:

Regarding the renewal and new levies on the ballot in November.

“Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me,” was written by poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. Yes, one clear call and we will answer.

Our families have taken steps to deposit our remains in Pleasant Cemetery. Many have paid forward for this privilege. Now many rest in Pleasant Cemetery.

It is time for us to make sure that the cemetery continues to provide the service we need for us and our families.

We are very fortunate to have Glenn Liff as our administrator. We cannot expect him to keep the cemetery looking so well without money to hire the needed help and to buy the necessary equipment he needs to do his job.

The amount of money we will be paying is very little compared to the costs we encounter daily in the purchase of food, clothing and yes, gasoline to operate our vehicles.

I encourage you to vote yes for the Pleasant-Darby Union Cemetery levies in November.

Lowell Anderson

Mount Sterling