Letter: Vote for Alder’s earned income tax renewal levy

Dear Editor:

I urge residents of the Jonathan Alder Local School District to renew an earned income tax levy on the March 15 ballot.

Jonathan Alder has a strong history of controlling expenses and seeking alternative sources of revenue. In turn, these actions keep taxes low. Renewing the 0.75 percent levy will not increase taxes and generate approximately $2.1 million annually — a significant source of funding that will help maintain the district’s outstanding programs and services for students.

Monies from the renewal levy would be spent on needs such as instructional supplies, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, technology, school buses, salaries and utilities. The renewal levy would not only provide operational funds and financial stability for the next 10 years but also help to reduce the reliance on property taxes.

I strongly urge residents to vote FOR the Jonathan Alder Local School District’s earned income tax renewal levy on March 15. A vote for the renewal levy is a vote for your community’s future.

Rob Delane

Deputy Executive Director

Ohio School Boards Association