The Real Story

By Molly Carroll-Russell - Guest Columnist

I’m writing today to set the record straight about my husband, and City Council President, Joe Russell. Despite my requests to keep our personal matters private, the Madison Press published an article on Tuesday, December 12 about an incident that occurred in our home back in September that led to the police being called. The article doesn’t attempt to tell readers the full story of what actually happened, rather it seems clear the article focuses on a couple small points to make my husband look like a misogynistic abuser. Obviously it’s a brazen effort to hurt him politically. This happened over three months ago yet it was never reported on previously.

It’s easy to read a newspaper article and jump to a conclusion. For that reason I felt compelled to write this so that the people of London know the truth. The truth is that like all married couples we have our disagreements and problems. Regrettably, in September one of those disagreements lead to an out-of-control argument. We both said some mean and horrible things to each other that escalated the disagreement which then led to a confrontation. We are both to blame. Sadly, rather than find the truth as to why the incident resulted in a fine rather than something more, the article selects details that fit a certain narrative while ignoring other details that don’t fit that narrative. I think the fact that nobody reached out to me or my husband for a comment speaks volumes. There are others errors in this hasty article as well, such as the fine being wrongly reported. We have to pay $950, not the $150 that was reported.

Had the story been presented honestly, readers would have learned that my husband was acting out of self-defense, which is why this case was resolved the way that it was resolved. In fact, the case would have likely been dropped completely hadn’t it been for concerns that my husband was being treated differently because of his role on city council. We both played a role in what happened and I don’t want remarks made during a private discussion, which were completely taken out of context, to be what people judge my husband on. We’re working on our marriage and still mending the wounds from that day. It pains me to air our personal matters publicly, but I want people to know the truth about my husband. He’s a good and honest man and would never intentionally hurt me, or any women for that matter. He’s never even so much as threatened me and he’s never said anything that would lead me to believe he holds ill will toward women. I wouldn’t put up with that, and if he did, I would have never married him. I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight. I’m standing by my husband and I hope you will too. I also hope that people will respect my wishes and allow us to resolve this privately. Thank you.

By Molly Carroll-Russell

Guest Columnist

Molly Carroll-Russell is a resident of London.

Molly Carroll-Russell is a resident of London.