Letter: County administrator an unnecessary position

Dear Editor:

Being a tax paying Madison County resident, I do not agree with the commissioners decision to create a new county administrative position. The commissioners said this individual will take the day-to-day burden from their shoulders so they can focus on strategic planning for the county moving forward. I’m curious as what burdens they refer to and what strategic planning.

Commissioner David Dhume said having an administrator will aid them in dealing with issues in a more timely manner.

If our commissioners are truly serious about taking the best care of our county residents, including registered voters, it is my opinion they could work more hours.

Some of our elected officials are required by law to work only every 90 days. But we are lucky to have some very dedicated elected officials. Renae Zabloudil, clerk of courts, Chuck Reed, county recorder, Donna Landis, county treasurer, are among some who work five days a week, taking off only minimal personal time. Currently our commissioners are in the office on Mondays.

Commissioner Paul Gross’s reasoning for needing a county administrator is “everyone around us has one.” Well, of the 88 Ohio counties, only 27 of them employ a county administrator. That leaves 61 counties who think it’s not necessary.

I’m curious where the commissioners found the money in their budget to create this new salaried position.

I work full-time as a deputy clerk for common pleas court. My boss, Renae Zabloudil, requested a 3 percent cost of living raise for 2016. The commissioners approved on 2 percent. My 21-year-old niece works part-time at Walmart and makes only pennies less per hour than I do.

As a proud Madison County employee and resident I can’t sit quietly watching our tax dollars being wasted.

Please let our commissioners know that you disagree with their creation of this unnecessary position.

Diana R. Oyer