Toner: You’re fired

Father Patrick Toner - Contributing Columnist

Yes, Donald Trump is leading the Republicans in the polls and Hilary Clinton is leading the Democrats. You could say that we have a clear choice of opposing viewpoints.

More and more as the political parties are moving to ideological extremes, the middle is being left out. Compromise has become a dirty word in Congress. Eventually both parties will settle on a candidate that represents their position.

We, the people, will have to vote for one or the other. I am not sure that we really have a choice. If picking from the candidates nominated is a choice, I might consider voting for “None of the Above” as the candidate that represents my views. It seems, if you don’t buy the party line, you’re fired.

I find myself lost in the middle. I like some things the Republicans are concerned about. I grew up as a Democrat but don’t recognize that party as the same party. Again, there are some things I like about the Democratic agenda and some I do not. What I would like to see is a party, or a candidate bold enough to drop the idealistic posturing and get to work for the middle class.

With all the polls, we should have a clear idea of what the average person really wants from politicians. I doubt that the average steelworkers worries if Bruce Jenner wears a bra or not. The liberals may think that is important to protect and the conservatives may think it is a sin and should be banned. We are divided on too many such issues at the cost of real concerns.

Without getting into specifics or how we go about it, we should be creating jobs, improving quality of life, promoting true civil rights, caring for the elderly and ill, and fighting poverty. Protecting our security and ensuring peace in the world are important so that we might enjoy the blessings we have without fear.

While we have a clear idea of what we want from the politicians, we are prepared to accept that they will not fulfill their promises. We need men and women with real moral values and integrity to take on the challenge of building a better society. We need equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

We need creative persons who are not imprisoned by philosophical principles over human concerns.​

Father Patrick Toner is pastor at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, 140 West Ave., Plain City. He can be reached at or 614-873-8850.

Father Patrick Toner

Contributing Columnist