Forrest elected as Jefferson Township fiscal officer

Staff report

Amy L. Forrest topped the six-person field for Jefferson Township fiscal officer Tuesday night in an unusually hotly contested race.

Forrest took 551 votes (28.5 percent); W. Scott Popplewell received 404 votes (21 percent); Priscilla A. Neighborgall received 351 votes (18 percent); Darci Carmody received 328 votes (17 percent); Arnette A. Simpson received 150 votes (nearly 8 percent); and Kathryn M. Looby received 144 votes (7.5 percent).

In the only other contested township race, Matthew D. Furbee defeated Brian M. Lanigan to become Union Township trustee, 222 votes to 182 votes, according to unnofficial results from the Madison County Board of Elections.

Following are vote tallies in the unopposed township races according to unofficial results from the Madison County Board of Elections.

Canaan Township

• Kimberlie A. Schrock, fiscal officer: 441 votes

• Don J. Schrock, trustee: 464 votes

Darby Township

• M. Elaine Wilcox, fiscal officer: 825 votes

• Roger D. Weeks, trustee: 885 votes

Deercreek Township

• Erin K. Morris, fiscal officer: 200 votes

• Mark Modlich, trustee: 205 votes

Fairfield Township

• Vickie S. Timmons, fiscal officer: 349 votes

• Donald Wayne Francis, trustee: 330 votes

Jefferson Township

• Jeffrey N. Pfeil, trustee: 1,613 votes

Monroe Township

• Connie J. Troyer, fiscal officer: 260 votes

Oak Run Township

• Rochelle R. Kimbler, fiscal officer: 124 votes

• Wayne C. Holland, trustee: 148 votes

Paint Township

• Cynthia L. Mace, fiscal officer: 174 votes

• Bruce A. Davison, trustee: 165 votes

Pike Township

• Lila L. Stewart, fiscal officer: 113 votes

• Aaron L. Boerger, trustee: 126 votes

Pleasant Township

• Katheryn I. Endres, fiscal officer: 620 votes

• Lewis Conway, trustee: 403 votes

Range Township

• Luana J. Barker, fiscal officer: 234 votes

• Mark A. Anthony, trustee: 204 votes

• Dennis K. Marshall, trustee: 254 votes

Somerford Township

• Pamela C. Hochadel, fiscal officer: 27 votes

• Jim Moran, trustee: 825 votes

Stokes Township

• Ramona Porter, fiscal officer: 109 votes

• Christopher S. Vallery, trustee: 124 votes

• Jim Noble, trustee: 101

Union Township

• Karen S. Geyer, fiscal officer: 33 votes

Staff report