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Wesley T. Reynolds

Wesley T. Reynolds

A Grove City man was sentenced Tuesday morning in Madison County Court of Common Pleas on one felony count of trafficking in drugs, two felony counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, and a single amended count of misdemeanor theft.

Wesley T. Reynolds, 38, who had earlier pleaded guilty, had been charged with the felonies as a result of selling drugs on three separate occasions to a confidential informant or an undercover member of a drug task force in Madison County.

Of those charges, Count I came from an offense committed on June 13, 2016, when Reynolds sold alprazolam (Xanax) to an individual within the vicinity of a juvenile. Count II came from the sale of oxycodone the very next day, and Count III from another sale of oxycodone on July 6, 2016, also in the vicinity of a juvenile.

The amended theft charge was the result of Reynolds having obtained for himself a couple of blank checks without consent from their rightful owner on Christmas 2016.

Reynolds has a significant criminal history — a record dating all the way back to 1997 for an array of crimes including (but not limited to) disorderly conduct, vandalism, receiving stolen property, felony assault, identity theft, and trafficking of methamphetamine.

Prosecutor Nick Adkins requested that the court impose a significant sentence and the mandatory fine for the drug trafficking charges.

“I would indicate that one of the audio recordings of the controlled buys, Mr. Reynolds indicates that he needs to essentially re-up for more oxycodone and that he indicates that he is taking prescriptions from his mother, not that it is his own prescription,” Adkins said.

Reynolds apologized for his current offenses, and that he had been living lawfully up to the point that he committed them, but had suffered a momentarily lapse of good judgment.

He also maintained that he was the victim of his criminal past catching up with him, and that a spiteful ex-girlfriend and former friend had set him up — going so far as to claim that he was merely trying to help the friend ease off of heroin by selling him Xanax.

“I’ve never heard of using Xanax to step down from heroin,” said Judge Eamon Costello.

“I never have also, your honor,” Reynolds replied. “But I did and I shouldn’t have done it.”

The next several minutes consisted of Costello entertaining Reynolds as he attempted to explain the absurdity of his position on almost every aspect of the matter.

Taking into consideration Reynolds’ extensive criminal history and recidivism factor, Costello decreed that he must serve all three felony sentences consecutively.

The aggregate sentence was for 54 months in the state penitentiary.

Reynolds also received $5,000 in fines, suspension of his operating license, and three-year optional post release control.

He received time served for the misdemeanor theft charge.

Wesley T. Reynolds T. Reynolds

By Andrew Garrett

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Reach Andrew Garrett at 740-852-1616, ext. 1616.