‘Drug Take-Back Day’ on Saturday, Oct. 28

Staff report

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will hold its annual “Drug Take-Back Day” on Saturday, Oct. 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Sheriff’s Office’s communication center located at Elm and Garfield streets in London, in conjunction with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

The Sheriff’s Office has participated in this initiative since its inception in 2010.

“This is an opportunity for county residents to take an active part in the war on drugs,” said Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin. “Unused or expired prescription or over-the-counter medications will be accepted with no questions asked.”

Deputies will staff the drop-off point and will accept any form of pills, capsules, tablets, cold remedies, pain killers, vitamins, ointments, creams, inhalants, and liquids — with no questions asked. However, needles and syringes will not be accepted. It is recommended for privacy purposes that a patient’s name, the name of the drug, and other pertinent information be removed from a medication.

“When used or expired medications are stored in the family medicine cabinet or in a kitchen cabinet, they can become easily accessible,” said Sabin. “They pose a curiosity for young children and a temptation for teens who may have given into peer pressure to try drugs.”

The family medicine cabinet is also prime target for thieves.

“There is a high resale value for unused OxyContin or Vicodin or even inhalants,” Sabin said of those types of medications readily found in medicine cabinets. “And thieves may be after medications to satisfy their own addictions.”


Staff report