Men face charges for deer hunting violations

Jane Beathard - For The Madison Press

Deer-gun season brought a spate of wildlife violations in Madison County. Some were minor and others more blatant and serious.

Anthony A. Kowalewski, 48, of Delaware, pleaded guilty on Dec. 7 to hunting without a license or deer permit and aiding a group of juveniles to hunt deer without licenses on Nov. 28.

Madison County Municipal Judge Eric M. Schooley sentenced Kowalewski to 30 days in jail (suspended) and fined him $300 and costs. In addition, Kowalewski was also ordered to serve a year of non-reporting probation and have no other wildlife violations during that time.

According to county wildlife officer Matt Teders, Kowalewski was hunting with three juveniles in a wooded area off state Route 56. Teders and park officer Shawn Lentini wanted to intercept the group’s ATV for a routine license inspection, but Kowalewski pulled the vehicle behind a barn instead of in front of its open doors.

The officers walked behind the barn and saw Kowalewski sitting in the ATV and the other three walking away, apparently unarmed.

Teders spotted a gun stock sticking from beneath an old car nearby and later found four guns under the vehicle. Kowalewski admitted they had all attempted to hide their guns because none had deer permits. Kowalewski also admitted he did not have a hunting license and that he brought two of the youths hunting, knowing they had no licenses.

On Nov. 27, Teders interviewed Zachary Dobbs, 32, of London, regarding a doe killed on Nov. 12. Dobbs admitted taking the deer with an antlerless permit. However, he said that he was unaware antlerless permits were not valid in Madison County.

Dobbs subsequently paid a $150 fine and avoided an appearance in municipal court.

Scott T. Waldvogel, 22, of London, was arraigned on Dec. 7 on a charge of spotlighting coyotes on Nov. 26.

Court documents said Teders and two other wildlife officers spotted Waldvogel in a field off Tradersville-Brighton Road in the northern part of the county about 8:36 p.m. Waldvogel admitted to using his vehicle headlights and a flashlight to hunt coyotes.

Officers seized an AR-15, loaded magazine and flashlight in Waldvogel’s vehicle as evidence. They later requested forfeiture of the items.

A pre-trial in the case is set for Jan. 9.

Judge Schooley issued arrest warrants for two other county residents, Christopher D. Cabbe, 29, of South Solon, and Ryan B. Howard, 26, of Plain City, who failed to appear for arraignments on Dec. 7.

Both are charged with having four shells in their guns while hunting deer in the southern part of the county on Nov. 28. Legal limit is three shells.

Jane Beathard

For The Madison Press

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Madison Press.

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Madison Press.