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Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe

“She’s moved on. Whether you’ve accepted that or not, that’s where you are,” Madison County Common Pleas Judge Eamon Costello told a London man in court Tuesday morning.

Roger Lowe, 60, was sentenced to nine months in prison Tuesday for violating a protection order. He was previously sentenced to one year in prison in 2014 for domestic violence against the same victim.

Lowe made a phone call to the victim, violating the protection order, according to Lowe’s attorney, Joe Edwards, in court. Edwards said this offense was just a phone call, in which no threats were made, and asked for a six-month prison sentence (the minimum prison sentence) for his client.

However, the victim said in an impact statement in court that the violation was far more than that.

“I was almost killed,” she said, referring to the domestic violence incident. “(Now) I have to come in front of him and re-live it again.”

Lowe was sentenced to one year in prison on July 10, 2014. The victim said he was released early, and she was not made aware of it.

Costello said alcohol was a common denominator in all of the offenses, and that Lowe has some decisions to make about his future.

“Do you want to continue to have these consequences add up?” he asked.

Also in common pleas court Monday:

• Christopher Green Jr., 28, of Hilliard, was arraigned on a single count of theft. He was released on the agreement that he would attend future court proceedings.

Dale Frenz was appointed to represent Green. His informal pretrial hearing is currently scheduled for Sept. 1.

• William Santangelo, 45, of Columbus, pleaded guilty to a single count of felony drug possession. A misdemeanor count of possession of drug abuse instruments was dropped in the plea agreement.

Santangelo’s sentencing hearing was not determined at the time of the hearing.

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Roger Lowe Lowe

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