Man charged for buying porn with school card

By Audrey Ingram -

A West Jefferson school bus mechanic accused of purchasing porn with a school credit card in his supervisor’s name has been charged.

Todd Mumford, 46, of Grove City, is facing three charges in Madison County Municipal Court: first-degree misdemeanor misuse of a credit card, first-degree misdemeanor telecommunications harassment and second-degree misdemeanor obstruction of business.

Monday night, West Jefferson school board members approved a separation agreement between Mumford and the Jefferson Local School District.

Mumford’s resignation was effective June 3. He was paid his regular salary through May. He was also paid for about 13 accrued vacation days. His medical insurance coverage will continue through June.

The separation agreement also states that school leaders will not attempt to block Mumford from receiving unemployment benefits.

Monday night, West Jefferson superintendent Bill Mullett said the district union was on board with the agreement. The district will be searching for a new bus mechanic, he added.

Five adult videos were ordered online with the school credit card on Feb. 10 under the name of Robert Hiss, the district’s director of facilities and transportation, and direct supervisor of Mumford.

Hiss received a confirmation email through his school email account on Feb. 11, at which point he reported the incident to the superintendent.

The ensuing West Jefferson police investigation traced the IP address used to order pornography to Mumford’s Grove City home, which was searched in February. Officers seized computer equipment, an iPad and an iPhone from the home, according to Franklin County Municipal Court documents.

The district has one credit card. It is used for immediate or emergency expenses that cannot be accommodated via the traditional purchase order.

It is kept in a locked safe in the treasurer’s office. The treasurer and two assistants, responsible for payroll and accounts payable, are the only individuals who have the combination to the safe, Mullett said previously.

Monday night, Mullett said he did not know how Mumford obtained the credit card information, and that he is not aware of any individuals other than Mumford being investigated or charged in connection with the incident.

The criminal charges were filed against Mumford in May.

He is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on June 27.

By Audrey Ingram

Reach Audrey Ingram can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1615 or via Twitter @Audrey.MP.

Reach Audrey Ingram can be reached at 740-852-1616, ext. 1615 or via Twitter @Audrey.MP.