Garden club offering free program on tulips

Staff report

The public is invited to attend a free program, “All About Tulips” to be held at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, at the Central Township Fire Station in Newport at the regular monthly meeting of the Open Gate Garden Club.

Harriet Dana, Open Gate Garden Club member and current president of the Madison County Master Gardeners, will be presenting this educational program.

The program will be followed by horticultural tips on “Growing, Showing and Judging Iris” by Open Gate Garden Club member Becky Davis and an example and explanation of a “Framed Spatial Creative Floral Design” presented by Open Gate Garden Club member Joy Culler.

The March 1 meeting of Open Gate Garden Club featured Pam Bennett, OSU Associate Professor, Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer Director and co-author of “Gardenpedia“ with a program “Darn, I Wish I Knew That — Avoid These Top Gardening Mistakes.”

Several mistakes discussed by Professor Bennett included: First, not being up close and personal with your soil. Gardeners need to know soil texture, soil structure, tilth, amendment and nutrient values. Soil testing was stressed as an aid in getting to know your soil.

Second mistake discussed was the improper planting of trees. When a tree is planted the root flare should be just at or slightly above the soil line. Volcano mulching was another common mistake discussed. You should only mulch woody ornamentals with 2-4 inches of mulch; herbaceous ornamentals with only 2 inches. The important key is to keep mulch away from the crown of the plant.

Other mistakes touched on were: leaving the stakes on too long on trees, girdling, improper watering and improper pruning. Improper plant care which is sometimes improper diagnosis of plant problems (insects, diseases) and the (mis)use of pesticides were also discussed.

During March, Open Gate Garden Club member Lexie Burfield made two arrangements for the community which she placed at the London Public Library and Buckeye Realty.

Open Gate Garden Club is a member of Madison County Federation of Garden Clubs, Region 16 Garden Clubs (Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Highland, Madison and Warren counties), and affiliated with Ohio Association of Garden Clubs, a volunteer nonprofit organization with 200 clubs and 3,500 members throughout Ohio. Our mission is to promote innovation and excellence in horticulture and floral arts through programs that foster creativity and personal growth.

Guests are welcome to attend the educational programs and meetings. For further information contact Judy Wessel, president at or 740-852-1422.

Article submitted by Judy Wessel.

Staff report