Masonic Lodges to observe 300th anniversary

Staff report

Plain City Masons are among those observing the 300th anniversary of modern Freemasonry this year.

More than 80,000 Masonic members in 480 lodges in Ohio are making plans for the celebration, according to Worshipful Brother James Carlson, Master of Urania Lodge in Plain City

On June 24, 1717, in London, England, four lodges decided to create the Grand Lodge of England, he said. The structure of organization has continued for three centuries and has spread around the world.

“Masonic lodges existed before that time,” he said, “But the 1717 date represents the basic, creative step in the overall continuity and agreement of principles that still govern the international fraternity we have today.”

The Grand Lodge of Ohio was formed in 1808, and observed its 200th anniversary a few years ago. In the United States, there are 51 Grand Lodges — one for each state, plus the District of Columia. Total U.S. membership numbers nearly 1.2 million.

The Ohio observance begins on Saturday, March 25, with a “Grand Master’s Class,” which will allow new members to complete all initiation work in one day. Normally, weeks or months are required for the process. Initiation ceremonies will be held simultaneously in 25 across Ohio, including in the 9th District of Ohio.

In addition, large Masonic dinner celebrations are planned for June 24 across Ohio to culminate the 300th-year observances. Throughout the year. Local lodges also will have their own anniversary dinners, open houses, educational meetings, and new member gatherings.

“2017 is going to be a great year,” stated Ohio Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor, of Dayton. “The world is changing and once again men are looking for benefits that come from uniting with like-minded men dedicated to living well, to doing right, and to standing up for their beliefs when others seem to be stumbling.”

For more information on local activities, contact Urania Lodge at The lodge is located at 102 E. Main St., Plain City.

Staff report