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Charlie Miller - Contributing Columnist

Aug. 13, 1915

Madison County Democrat — Miss Jeannette Kuehner, of Columbus, has been elected to teach in the West Jefferson High School this winter.

• Wheat threshing through this section is about completed, and in comparison with the country’s crop, is considered a good yield, ranging from 18 to 22 bushels per acre and of good quality.

• J. A. Baer and wife and Miss Belle Grove and Richard Smith autoed to Indiana last Friday with relatives for two weeks.

• About 100 soldiers of the militia passed through Big Plain on Monday morning, enroute to Camp Willis, Columbus. (Camp Willis was established by the Ohio National Guard in 1916, named for Ohio’s 47th Governor, Gov. Frank Willis. Its troops were sent to Mexico to chase Pancho Willa. The camp was disbanded in late 1916. Seven thousand soldiers were mustered through it. It sat near the Jones Middle School in Upper Arlington.)

• (If only it had worked.) Announcement has just been made of another remarkable discovery of the Rockefeller Institute, a discovery whereby immunity from cancer may be had. Although at present no promise of cure is held out to those already infected. The crux of the discovery is that a great increase of the white lymph corpuscles — an increase either natural or brought about by injection of limpid tissue — gives absolute immunity from the dread disease. Where such an increase does not take place the cancer grows at once and proceeds with virulent rapidity.

Part II

The Madison Press — June 2, 1955 — At the Sunday morning service of May 29, Rev. Robert Meredith installed the new officers of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service for the coming year. They are: vice president, Mabel O’Hara; secretary, Sarah Laferty; treasurer, Cleta Engle; others in the organization are Eleanor Porter, Maybelle Keyser, Marjorie Delong, Mary Purviance, Eleanor Overturf, Dorothy Blauser, Mabel Elliott, Martha Engle, Mrs. Howard Fisher, Mrs. Merrill Howard and Mrs. Duane Cornwell.

• Boy Scout Troop 134 of the Methodist Church is the largest in the county. Their officers were installed by Rev. Robert Meredith. The Scout Master is George Brooke. The committeemen are Francis Blauser, R. Hilliker, Richard Estep, George Baber, Charles Miller, Charles O’Hara, Phil Roger and Rev. Meredith. Members of the troop are Tom Lankford, Brian Blauser, Jerry Blauser, Goble Estep, Charles Hilliker, Charles Morris, David O’Hara, Bill Pfiel, Denny Stratton, Don Travis, Bob Schart, Kenneth Shelton, Ronald Shelton, Larry Bremstuhl, John Lawless, Richard Flora, David Noonan, Jim Campbell, Jim Hilliker, Bob Horton, Don Campbell, Gary Miller, Jack Issacs, Charles Isaacs, James Hyatt, Ted Forrest, Arnold Travis, Joe Tinkler, Mike Buscemi, Jim Higgins, Roben Blake, Ted Sickles and Miller Strauss.

Charlie Miller is the former mayor of West Jefferson and local historian. He has been writing West Jefferson 100 years ago off and on since 1976. He can be reached at Charlie_m_miller@yahoo.com.


Charlie Miller

Contributing Columnist