LOCI Jaycees’ donation to fund fans

By Dean Shipley

July 16, 2014

Two hundred fifty dollars will help a number of senior citizens in Madison County feel a little cooler this summer. Those dollars, given Wednesday to the Madison County Senior Citizen’s Center were raised by the Jaycees within London Correctional Institution (LOCI).

The money was raised through the sale of McDonald’s restaurant products sold in the LOCI commissary, said Kellelee Allen, spokesman for the Jaycees. Groups within LOCI are permitted to have as many as two fundraisers per year. Allen said the Jaycees negotiated with the local McDonald’s to purchase selected menu items, including the Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets.

Allen said in negotiations the Jaycees agreed to donate 30 percent of their proceeds back to the Ronald McDonald House to obtain a good price on the menu items.

They placed fliers around the institution advertising the day the McGoodies would be available in the commissary, where inmates shop for food.

In addition to providing a nice donation to the senior citizen’s center, Allen said the process allows inmates in the Jaycees to acquire some business skills. They put into practice information they receive in workshops on how to run a fund-raising project.

Misty Bradley, executive director of the senior citizen’s center, said when senior citizens hear the hum of a fan in their bedroom window on a warm night, before they drop off to sleep, they can say a thank you to the LOCI Jaycee inmates.

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