Celebrating America’s independence

July 4, 2014

SPARKLING PATRIOTISM — A handful of friends created a sparkling phrase spelling out “USA” with stars during the London fireworks Thursday. From left, Brok Bennett, Hunter Mouser, Molly Armfelt, Samantha Meade, Cody Meade, Jessi Meade, and Brandon Hanson.

WAITING PATIENTLY — In anticipation of the London fireworks beginning Thursday night, Dillan Rice, 15, kept his cousins busy with sparklers near the family’s viewing spot in front of Tractor Supply Co. From left, Drew Reeves, 6, Layne White, 7, Addison Reeves, 7, and MacKenzie Reeves, 7, put their sparklers together so they can be lit at once. Once all were lit, the foursome did their best O-H-I-O!